Merry Christmas To You and Yours!

It’s that time of year again! Could it have come any faster? Probably!

This year, many have no option but to spend Christmas day alone. In England, we were initially told (early December), we could have 3 households mixing over 5 days (23rd – 27th December). That already seemed risky, but people were planning ahead, obeying the rules in place. Then only a week before Christmas, that changed as drastic as your fairy lights fuse box tripped. Yes, we’ve all been there!

Now, specific areas like London are under Tier 4. Meaning in simpler terms, LOCKDOWN! So much for “Saving Christmas,” Boris! Health is wealth, and COVID doesn’t go on a 5 day break just because it’s Christmas. Doesn’t Boris Johnson know that Santa isn’t real? Anyhoo…

Bad Santa

A focal point of christmas is spending it with your loved ones. But the best gift you could ever give someone, is being safe. Next year and the Christmases after that, you could celebrate Christmas even more. Go all out. Literally if you want to! I think we all do. Quaranti-who?

No, but seriously. You can see your loved ones on the opposite side of their window, and just touch opposite sides of the glass, whilst speaking on the phone; depending on restrictions according to your area of course. Or zoom call your whole family whilst tucking into dinner. Just zoom them all day, so much so they get fed up of you and thank their lucky stars they don’t have to be in the same room as you. Treat them mean to keep them keen – or in my case they never return! Maybe within limits…

But back to it!

Let’s close this year the best way we can. As today is for forgiveness, remembering the lives we’ve lost, keeping each other safe and trying to make our homes as bright as we can. Emotionally, and just with a truck load of lights and candles. If you could put a smile on at least one persons face, you can tick off a successful Christmas day!

Now check on that turkey, you may not be cooking for an army, but that’s no reason to let your Christmas dinner slack! We have no time for smoke alarms going off and evacuating the premises!

*currently wafting air around the alarm so it doesn’t detect a thing*

Happy Holidays, and have a very Merry Christmas! *air hugs* before Boris Johnson bans that too!

24 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To You and Yours!

  1. I had an amazing Christmas πŸŽ„ hon I wore my velvet dress πŸ‘— and I definitely owned it luv lol πŸ’ƒπŸ»β£οΈ

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  2. Same kind of restrictions here in the US (at least in my state – still no consistent rules across the country) – agree with all your thoughts and hope you had a lovely Christmas in spite of everything!

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