Coronavirus: Have We Learnt Our Lesson?

People are coming out of lockdown thinking they’ve completed the worst phase. But has it only just begun?

Many, are being strategic about the situation we’re in. Not going out for reasons that are unimportant, or being in public areas for laughable excuses.

But on the other hand, others are thinking this is their chance at freedom. It’s almost like they’ve been locked away in jail for 20 years and they’ve found a gap in the gate, and broken free.

Freedom Gif. Funny

Except, the difference here is that they haven’t even had to break rules for that sweet taste of freedom, the government has given everyone a get out of jail free card (England).

Now, you may argue that we can’t be in lockdown forever. The economy has to get back on track for the world to function. Children need to go back to schools, as they once did. But certain leaders have poured gasoline wildly, and thrown a fire match, before even having a fire extinguisher at the ready?

One day they’re recommending in an underhand way to go abroad, but only for “Essential reasons,”. Can we clarify what this means right now?

Mr Bean Holiday Gif

How many people do you honestly think ‘NEED’ to go abroad for essential reasons? Very, very few. The amount of people I’m seeing flaunt their holidays, to Ibiza, Portugal, and other areas of the world on social media sites, is quite shocking. What part of a holiday is essential? I can tell you, every single person in the world could put a holiday under an essential category, claiming they “Need a break,”. But we, and they all know it isn’t vital.

Governments knew this would happen, especially the United Kingdom government.

Why would they leave the rules extremely vague?

Why are they encouraging people to go out to restaurants, by the use of 50% off vouchers available to all, but at the same time saying “Stay safe,”. Staying safe is staying away from these exact hotspots, period.

When lifting the lockdown here, masks weren’t even permitted. Only on transport. Everywhere else being mask-less was accepted. Even though many other areas of the world made masks mandatory, virtually everywhere. Especially public places.

Mask off Gif

The fact that it was legal to pick up a sandwich or get your Sunday newspaper, without any protection was deeply concerning. And nonsensical.

I think our mistake in England, was that advice coming from politicians in our own country, was pretty much, “What do they around the world know? We have the best scientists in the world in this country. Let’s follow the science,”. Many times they even ignored WHO (World Health Organisation).

It's a scientific fact gif

And this same disregarding attitude, was the reason why masks were not permitted or even advised until more than 40,000 people in England died. Politicians and scientists kept repeating, “There’s no scientific evidence to show that masks protect us from spreading or obtaining the virus,”. Even though the World Health Organisation heavily recommended the usage of them, and many parts of the world were religiously using these face coverings.

The danger we now have upon us is that many of the people have lost complete respect for politicians. They say one thing and do another, countless times. How are you meant to have faith in such inconsistent, fickle people? In a pandemic, if your words fall on deaf ears, how do you maintain control?

Talk Talk Arnold Schwarzenegger gif

Have we, meaning the public learnt from being nonchalant with a highly contagious, deadly virus? No more than the Government have.

If these people who hold boundless power in their hands, fail to be stern with their rules, it’s legal to do many things that have the major possibility of putting other lives in danger.

Only today, have the Government in England put in place a few more firmer restrictions about where you must wear a mask in.

Why now?

Is it too little, too late?

They aren’t oblivious to the morality rate of COVID-19. They just hope it works in their best interest.

What is their interest?

We can only speculate, but the facts don’t lie.

What do you think? How do you think your government are running your country? How would you have done things differently? Have you learnt from this pandemic? Comment below!

36 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Have We Learnt Our Lesson?

  1. I’ve learned that I can’t go out in public places. If it requires a mask, I can’t go because I have asthma type allergies. Wearing a mask makes it harder to breath. So, I’ve gone back to nature…it’s better that way anyway. Or, I just stay home. There’s plenty to do on my 3+ acres.
    As for the travel…stay close to home. I know, around here, there are plenty of places I haven’t seen, or been in quite a few years. I’m hoping to make it to Skyline Drive this fall, which is only a couple hour drive from home.
    And schooling? My personal choice would be to home school. I did it for my son in high school. I just wish I had started earlier. Not everyone has that choice, but homeschooling is much easier than most people think. If you taught your child how to use the toilet, eat and drink using proper utensils, and how to dress themselves – you can home school. With home schooling, a parent can steer their child in the direction they need, as opposed to the one size fits all approach.
    I think city people have a harder time “staying home” than country people do.

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    1. Definitely! Masks do make it harder to breathe, and I can relate as I have a nose issue so I find it difficult to breathe through a mask.

      I agree, I don’t get why some people are going abroad etc. Then they complain when quarantine rules come out of nowhere for when they get back. I don’t get why they’re so fuming as they were aware of the risks of going on ‘holiday’ In such uncertain times like these.

      Skyline Drive sounds wonderful!
      I completely agree with homeschooling also. The curriculum is flawed, and only teaches your child a very limited amount. So in a way, children go into the outside world quite blind-sighted.

      Yes, city people can’t keep still! And in a way I can understand why, as they don’t really have much access to scenic areas like we do, they’d really have to travel out for that. And many city’s are overpopulated, so it’s almost impossible to properly social distance.
      Thankyouu so much for reading this post!😃😊

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    2. Howdy! I live in Colorado, my state has done a pretty decent job at corralling people and providing guidance on the virus, however, we are a tourist mecca (mountains, sand dunes, young demographics, great hockey team -go avs- wonderful wildlife, and a blissful ski scene) so the numbers are waffling in the summer months as international travel bans have forced people into domestic travel. Overall (at a national level) I’d give us(a) an F- but for me, it’s never been a better time to embrace my inner mountain goat and head for the hills, that being said, there are 4 massive forest fires raging currently and at least two are suspected to be caused by humans, I know California is bad too. 2020amiright?? (nervous laughter followed by ugly crying). Hope everyone is staying safe, staying informed, and staying away from conspiracy theories. Cheers!

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      1. Oh that sounds great! So I imagine Colorado has a lot of open outdoor space, more than enough to social distance! I feel sorry for people living in overpopulated cities!
        Wow, I wonder why humans caused some of those fires, if they did of course. Horrific and they must be punished!
        Thankyouu! Hope you and your loved ones are safe and well also!😁😊


      2. And there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there! Which I try to stay away from. The best thing is to do what is best for you and your family and stay informed. Information seems to change almost on a daily basis…

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  2. Great report, but sad news. I wish we could figure this out better.
    Myself, I’m washing, mask wearing, and disinfectant spraying at all times, and not really even kissing my husband much.
    Please stay well and safe, and best of luck.

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    1. Thankyou!
      It is very sad, and we as a nation should’ve been more prepared.
      Yesss, if that isn’t almost 100% protection I don’t know what is! Very wise!
      Hahaha, I can imagine!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and you too stay safe. I hope you and your loved ones are well🤗😃

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  3. I was an essential worker during the lockdown and I see people still having a fun time outdoors and not wearing mask when non-essential should stay home. Thus it wasn’t a surprise the Summer surge happened. Even my workplace thought COVID-19 will slow down Summer which is weird before it is not affected by weather but people’s behavior. California being #1 most infected in U.S., not a surprise either. Knowing first hand what the virus can do and how it spreads through people’s attitude and behavior, the future is easy to predict and it’s horrifying. Thanks for sharing an honest truth that all need to start taking seriously. Stay safe.

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    1. I saw quite a lot of that also!
      They just have no regard for who transmits such a deadly virus, and if you can protect yourself, why wouldn’t you? Just shows how selfish some people are!

      A summer surge was always going to happen if people behave like there is no virus!

      You’re so right! Everyone must protect one another, and when people are going out to parties and raves all the time, how are we meant to keep the death toll down? It’s the disregard and that younger people a lot of the time think they’re invincible!

      Thankyouu so much for reading this post and sharing such insightful information!😃😊

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  4. Your feelings are totally valid on this subject. I went to a restaurant last night and there was no social distancing whatsoever, I wouldn’t have gone if I knew it would have been like that. I work in a hospital making chemotherapy drugs so work for me got quieter. And because I’ve still been going to work my daily routine hasn’t changed much but I still feel anxious about going to big supermarkets. It’s definitely changed how I go about daily life. No holidays for me anytime soon!

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    1. I’ve been to restaurants with absolutely no social distancing rules! It’s like guidelines don’t exist!
      Wow! Of course, especially as the job you have is of such importance, it’s even more significant that restaurants and supermarkets do their upmost to keep everyone in their buildings as safe as possible.

      Unfortunately, sometimes the management of these places put money first, but if the health and well-being of everybody is put into jeopardy again, there will be no money!

      Same! Even staycations are a bit risky! Never mind going abroad😪

      Thankyouu so much Lottie, for reading and sharing your insight!🤗💓💓

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  5. I’m a New Yorker and it’s been maddening watching how the virus has been handled in my country. Personally, I think masks should have been mandated right, similar to seat belts or having car insurance. It’s a drag, but compared to other things nothing to become upset about. Enforcing masks wearing and providing aids to businesses so they could adopt better sanitary practices (hiring extra help to clean, put in air filters, etc.) could have made a huge difference.

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    1. I think you’re so right. There are so many laws, and some don’t even save lives. So how come masks weren’t mandatory by law? I think only the leaders know the reason, and because it’s so disturbing, no one will ever know. They have their own agenda, that many times don’t favour the people.
      It is a drag, but it’s nowhere near as bad as being in hospital or worst case scenario, losing a loved one. Very small price to pay in the grand scheme of things!
      Holly J for President!😃🙌🙌🙌
      Thankyouu so much for sharing such a precise insight!🤗


  6. Excellent post and interspersed with apt humour. In all the uncertainty prevailing all that we can do is to keep ourselves sanitized sensibly without being paranoid.
    Thanks Antonia 💐

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