Philip Kingsley Haircare Review!

Philip Kingsley Haircare Review!

Does it live up to its elasticizing hype? See what I did there? If you don't get the pun, carry on reading to regain yourself! So, since my last post about struggling to find the right haircare products, I received many recommendations, so I thought I'd try Philip Kingsley first! They kindly gifted me this [...]

How To Air-Dry Your Hair (All Hair Types)

How to air dry your hair without all the frizz, learn from my mistakes! We see models have wet hair and it looks amazing. Beachy waves; shiny slick hair; it just always looks perfect. But how do we achieve that look at home? Yesterday, I tried air-drying my hair without any intervention and it ended [...]

Holiday To Paris – Part Deux !

From Paris to Disneyland Paris, if you're looking for Parisian views, you've come to the right place! The scenery from the Eiffel towel is incredible! There isn't a view like it! The breath-taking views leave you spellbound. And because I'm not scared if heights, I could've stayed up there all day! If you are scared [...]