Holiday to Paris !

I haven’t been very active on here for the past week, I’ve missed talking and uploading so much! The reason why is….

Paris! The city of love. And it really is so so beautiful, the buildings are so breathtaking, and the history of the city is even more captivating. The city feels so chilled and walking the streets of Paris makes you almost feel at home (but with a lot less stress). It’s like a breath of fresh air. The amount of exquisite, eye-catching attractions, make you want to leave your phone in the hotel room, just to admire everything there is to see. But like a proper tourist, you have to capture special monuments and moments. Here are just a few photos of my adventures!

Even the doors are stunning!

It was boiling in Paris. 32 degrees celsius, with the sun shining. It might sound perfect but when you’re sight-seeing and walking for absolutely ages, it’s a bit of a nightmare. Sore feet and just exhaustion. Especially if you do your hair and makeup, in that humidity… Probably wasn’t one of my brightest moments. *Pun intended*

Arc de triomphe

Shortly before the above photo, a bird gave me a huge “good luck” gift above a small hedge/tree around the Eiffel Tower! In my hair!! It’s like the bird saved up all of last nights dinner. It was horrible! Ruined my hair and everything ughhh! I had to give my hair a DIY wash in the little bathrooms at the Eiffel Tower. It was a disaster!

Do you want to see more Paris photos? Have you ever been? Your favourite part of France is? Where have you been on a summer vacation or even a mini break like me? Comment below!

69 thoughts on “Holiday to Paris !

  1. Omg, no way about the bird 😫😫. Yes I’ve been to Paris. I went this past March, it was absolutely amazing. The food and the history. I was in complete awww. I took like 1000 pictures, lol! You look beautiful as always 🌻🦋❤

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    1. Yes, of all the times and places😂🤦🏽‍♀️. It’s incredible isn’t it? I didn’t think it’d be so mesmerising. The weather would’ve been so much better in March too! More manageable? Haha I’m the same in the photo department. You have to have a selection!
      Aww thankyouu so much!🤗

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    1. Aww thankyouu so much!! Snap, I love everything about France too. Haven’t experienced the snails and to be honest I don’t think I’d want to😂😖

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    1. Ohh really? Aww thankyouu! I need to visit Monaco it looks and sounds amazing! I imagine it’s quite expensive though😰 definitely needs a lot of saving.
      So glad you enjoyed this post!😊

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      1. I agree with you: visting Monaco might need a lot of saving ! 😁 but I’ m a dreamer antonia, maybe one day …I ‘ll be there. Why not , you too? You’ll make it ! 😀

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    1. Theres so many wonderful places in Europe and France is the only place I’ve visited in that radius (along with England of course as I’m from there, so it doesn’t really count). Of course I’ll post more photos! The city paris is so mesmerising!😊

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  2. Wow! Paris!

    Paris is one city in the world I’ve always wanted to visit but never have as of yet.

    I’ve heard about the sizzling hot temperatures they’ve been having in Paris lately.

    About a week or so ago, I wrote a poem on my blog about the sizzling hot temperatures in Paris.

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    1. It was extremely hot when I went, the temperatures were sometimes 32 degrees celsius+! And yes I heard that a couple weeks ago the temperature there was 40 degrees or so? I’m so thankful I wasn’t there then!
      I must check out your poem about the sizzling heat now!😊

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    1. I’ve never been before this trip also! So glad you enjoyed the pictures😊.
      You’re so right, aspiration is an extremely wonderful thing! Where would you like to travel to most in the world?

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      1. One place, Antonia?

        Let’s see…how about Japan? I’d qualify that by saying there are few places on our planet that don’t fascinate!

        How about you, how long did you know this trip was coming? Hardly the sort of thing you’d do on a whim. Or maybe that’s the best way, because personally, I would’ve died of excitement sixty-eight times over waiting for “The Day” the flight left!

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      2. I’d love to go to so many places in the world! I knew for about a month, but did not prepare anywhere near enough for it! It takes so much planning and I didn’t know the extent it needed until after! You really need an itinerary, and I completely forgot that you need an adapter for France. As the plugs we have in the UK are completely different. At least now I know for next time!😂😂
        Hahaha you would have died from excitement I was more nervous of not knowing what’s to come! I was kind of excited but more worried. Maybe I’m just odd!😂
        Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!😊

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      1. I bet! I teach stretch in the park and one week a bird left a gift on my mat and I didn’t notice until I stepped (bare foot) in it. I was NOT happy, but I was in the middle of teaching. I was able to handle it better than if it would have been on my hair or if I would have put my hand in it!

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      2. Oh my lord! I wonder what you did in that situation😂 I would’ve much rather put my bare foot in it! Even my hand! Anything else but the hair or face. And long hair it’s just an utter nightmare getting it out!🤦🏽‍♀️


  3. I’ve visited Paris a few years ago and went to the South of France last year. Loved it. I had to giggle when you wrote the bird gave you a ‘ good luck’ gift. So many people would agree since what are the chances of that happening?

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    1. I’m so jealous you’ve been to the south of France it looks stunning! Hahaha at least I can laugh about that part too now because when it happened my face was like thunder!😂 I felt like going straight back to England!😂 I know! The chances are so slim! It barely ever happens in your home country never mind if you go somewhere else for a few days.
      Thankyouu for reading and commenting!😊

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    1. It really is incredible! It wasn’t even a bird hot spot as I could barely see any more ‘accidents’ on the ground! Hahaha I imagine you’ve seen and experienced a lot more than a birds dropping/huge dump!😂
      Thankyouu for reading and commenting!😊


      1. when i was in navy boot camp, one of the drill sargents was a very black skinned man. while out on the drill field, a seagull pooped on his arm. it was very large and very white on his very black skin. lol he never let on that it happened in front of us. but we all had a good laugh behind his back for days and hoped it would happen again. lol

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  4. Je suis né à Paris, aujourd’hui j’habite dans le sud de la France pour plus de soleil encore, et je suis toujours étonné mais fier de voir tous ces témoignages magnifiques sur notre capitale. Merci pour Paris et pour la France.

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    1. C’est merveilleux! Ce doit être incroyable de naître à Paris et de vivre maintenant dans le sud de la France! Le meilleur des deux mondes! Ou devrais-je dire villes? Merci beaucoup pour votre belle perspicacité, je suis ravi que vous ayez apprécié ce post!

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