Winter Holiday Sales: Read This Before You Book!

How does a winter getaway sound? But be prepared for this catch…

Airlines and travel websites are having holiday sales, left, right and centre! Many only have flights to certain destinations reduced at rates from £3.99 (or maybe even lower) so you might have to leave the Maldives till next time!

I booked mine via the Ryanair website, but you know how there’s always a catch? Would an airline fly you wherever for a few pounds? I don’t think so! Unless you only take one of those miniature bags, but I can’t imagine you’d even be able to fit your tickets in them!

Ryanair have a scheme where they can fly you out from £3.99 BUT, you’d only be able to take a very small hand luggage. They literally have a template ruler like you’re at a post office, your ‘luggage’ (if it even deserves to be called that) would have to fit through those measurements or else you’d be charged extra.

So Milan. Altogether, for you to be able to have one decent sized luggage and hand luggage (I think, but still if I remember, it can’t be huge), per person, it cost about £100 for two people. I know there’s a big jump in prices! I think Milan was more expensive than £3.99, from £14.99 if I remember correctly (you can tell my memory is like a sieve) so it would’ve been about £30 for two, if you barely want any luggage!

I just checked via Expedia, how much it would’ve been flying with any airline for the same dates, and it stated, £100+. Just with hand luggage. So phew that made my bank account feel a bit better looking at that!

So is it worth it? I think looking at the grand scheme of things, there are discounts to be had, and you are getting somewhat of a good deal. But the crucial thing you must do before you book, is read the fine print. You don’t want to find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere having to pay a substantial amount extra for baggage.

Milan has been booked for moi, but where do you think you’d want to go? I’m extremely intrigued to hear all your winter getaway destinations you’re either going to or would like to go to. It might even give me inspiration as to where to go next! Or even if you could spend Christmas elsewhere (I imagine that’s the minority) where would it be?

14 thoughts on “Winter Holiday Sales: Read This Before You Book!

  1. Antonia, Italy is so beautiful, a country of history, culture, and fantastic food. I am planning a getaway in March, to Cuba, for some warmth.
    I don’t check luggage. I just fly with a carry on bag. This is important for me because it saves costs, and is more practical since I carry my own luggage, and things seem to get heavier as we age. As you know, planning and anticipation are part of the joy of travelling. 🤗

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    1. Oooh wow Cuba? Sounds fabulous I’m so jealous!
      Ohhh maybe I’m just a heavy traveller! Even if I go somewhere for a day I take so much with me!😂
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a lovely day😊
      You’re so right😃


    1. Thankyouu Tilly! Omgg I love sushi so much too! I only had it for the first time one or two years ago and I’m now addicted. The sushi I imagine is way better in Japan than the UK though! Even though it’s tasty here😂, there’s probably no comparison!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a lovely day😊


  2. Great advice, Antonia, particularly for those who contemplate a vacation in the near future. Making all the arrangements can be complicated (to say the least), yet you’ve tamed the process!

    My case is exceptional, as I planned everything well in advance (bought tickets early this summer for vacation next May). Give things enough lead time, and perhaps forego a vacation one year, and you may be able to afford more luxury than you would have thought possible. For example, Delta waives baggage fees for those with first-class tickets, saving enough to fly first-class at “coach” rates. Plan, plan and forego, and you too may be able to savor indulgences to fuel a lifetime of memories!

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    1. Aww Thankyouu! Ahhh I love early planning, it makes everything so much easier doesn’t it?
      That’s amazing I didn’t even know Delta did that. I’ll definitely have to look into that then! I’ve heard of Delta but not sure if they fly to and from the UK? I’ll check it out!
      And also planning well in advance saves all the rushing around plus it saves you money. It’s a win win!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!!
      Have a lovely day! 😊


      1. Oh sure, Antonia – though Delta “mainly” covers US-originating international flights and domestic US traffic of course, it does more than just turn around after leaving North America. See if you find something that appeals. As mentioned, the “free” luggage bought an upgrade for me, especially as I usually travel with two suitcases (plus my carry-on)!

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      2. That’s amazing! I’m definitely gonna check it out!
        Thankyouu for letting me know these extra deals! I always love a bargain 😃


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