The Best Drugstore Cleanser For Sensitive Skin!

What’s the most gentle cleanser that’s available at drugstores?

Recently, I’ve been suffering from countless breakouts, spots, boils and all. These have been leaving my skin feeling sore and painful. I was finding it so hard to find a gentle more natural cleanser that wont suck all the natural moisture out of my skin but will also give it a thorough clean. You know how they say ‘let love find you, don’t look for it’, well I was searching my house from top to bottom! And I came across a product which has been staring me right in the face for all this time!

I was lost with what I should use on my skin. As I found cleansers were too harsh on my skin and whenever you look at the ingredients list, it’s the length of my arm! Little did I know, I had just the right thing in my cupboard. I’ve had ‘Dermol 500’ prescribed to me ever since I can remember (4 or 5 years old) on and off. And when I was younger for some reason it didn’t particularly agree with my skin so I always had that negative almost afraid thought of using it again. It’s described as an ‘antimicrobial emollient and moisturiser for the management of dry and pruritic (itchy) skin conditions, especially eczema and dermatitis, and for use as a soap substitute.’

It also states that, this lotion can be used as a shower gel substitute or cleanser. And I thought, that sounds exactly what I’m looking for, let me give this a go since the ingredients list is much shorter and seems more simple. This formula is silky smooth, and I couldn’t rate it higher if I tried. It’s almost the consistently of yoghurt it resembles it quite a lot. It’s extremely gentle and I don’t feel any tingling or burning sensation whenever I wash my face with this (unlike some other cleansers). It’s so gentle, it basically feels like you’re washing your skin with a thickened milk (imagine that in the nicest possible way). It comes with a pump dispenser which means much less contamination. This formula is white and colourless so it definitely won’t be staining your towels or anything.

How I cleanse: First step before anything, I ALWAYS wash my hands with an anti-bacterial hand-wash. Then, I dampen my face with warm water, then apply a pump or two of the dermol lotion to the face and massage my skin in circular motions. When I do this it almost feels like a face mask and I honestly hate to take it off so sometimes I leave it on my skin for a few minutes just because it feels so luxurious on the skin! Even though this lotion thoroughly cleans the skin, it still leaves it feeling hydrated and not like it’s sucked the living daylight out of your skin, so you really get the best of both worlds.

Price: It’s usually around £10.00 for 500ml. Price varies depending on where you get it. It’s also available on prescription (in UK, not particularly sure if it’s available on prescription elsewhere).

Final Thoughts: I loveee this product, I can’t imagine using anything else, it’s absolutely perfect for if you have sensitive/eczemic or many different skin conditions. This will be perfect for you. I honestly can’t think of a drugstore cleanser which is as gentle and simple of the skin as this is. It’s available in most pharmacies and some drugstores!

What’s your favourite cleanser? Which cleanser would you not try again? What’s your skin type? Have you tried this multi-use lotion? Comment below!

11 thoughts on “The Best Drugstore Cleanser For Sensitive Skin!

    1. It’s honestly the most gentle cleanser out there! It’s smoother than butter! And it just works sooooo well! If you do try it let me know how it works for you!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a lovely day 😊


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