Nitto ATP Finals – What is it and The Shocking Defeats so far!

One of the biggest sporting events have begun in London, but with more shocking losses than ever it leaves us wondering; who’ll make it to the final?

I’m such a huge tennis geek as I used to be a tennis player myself, so any match/tournament that’s on I’m always so interested in it. I’ve attended the ATP Finals once before and have been craving to go back ever since! I love the atmosphere and the vibe, it’s like no other. Blasting music when play is on hold, I could only compare it to a boxing match. And since the tournament is moving from London’s O2 arena in 2021 to Turin, Italy, I had to get seats this year (at the very least). So if you don’t know how this tournament works (as it is quite tricky to get your head around) I’m gonna give you the lowdown first!

The Nitto ATP Finals is held annually as a season-ending championships.

The tournament has been running since 1970 and features the top eight singles players and doubles teams. The Nitto ATP Finals is the second highest tier ATP tournament, after the Grand Slams and has a unique format. See below for more information on the competition format and the points and prize money up for grabs.

The Nitto ATP Finals is structured as a round-robin format, with eight singles players/doubles teams divided into two groups of four.

All singles matches are the best of three tie-break sets. All doubles matches are best of three sets, with the first two sets played as tie-break sets with no ads and the final set played as a Match Tie-break.

The top seeded players/team is placed in Group A and the second seeded player/team is placed in Group B. Seeds 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, are then drawn in pairs with the first drawn placed in Group A and the second drawn placed in Group B.

Each player/team plays the three other players/teams in his group. The winner of each group is placed in separate semi-final brackets, with the top player/team in Group A playing the runner-up in Group B, and vice versa.

The Nitto ATP Finals is a prestigious tournament where only the world’s best players can compete for the coveted end-of-year title. The tournament is the biggest indoor tennis event in the world and attracts over 260,000 fans a year! The prize money for the champion is $9million.

Big Name Upsets!

On Sunday 10th November (first day of the championships) Roger Federer was up against Dominic Thiem. Now since Federer is the master of an indoor court, this should’ve been his bread and butter. But Thiem whizzed past Federer in a quite simple straight sets win 7-5 7-5. Now just because Federer lost doesn’t mean he’s out the tournament. That leaves him needing to win his final two games of the round robin to progress to the knockouts.

Novak Djokovic on the same day as Federer’s match, won his round robin match to Matteo Berrettini 6-2 6-1 very easily with no real battle. Djokovic just performed on a different level, and hardly made any unforced errors.

Rafael Nadal lost his round robin match on the following day to defending champion Alexander Zverev, 6-2 6-4. Now, Zverev is a great player, future grand slam winner as when you see him play, you’re astonished by how well and how accurate he can be. Zverev’s last 3 matches at the O2 (including yesterdays win against Nadal, and last years matches at the same event), he’s beaten the top the players. Nadal, Djokovic and Federer. Pretty impressive huh? Especially at the young age of 22! Bright future ahead of him.

I’ll be going to watch a session on the weekend and cannot wait! I hope I’ll capture many amazing photos (even though you aren’t allowed to use flash when they’re on court playing). I don’t know who I’m going to watch yet but I hope I see a great match and not just a simple walkover.

Are you a tennis fan? Have you ever been to the ATP Finals? Would you ever want to go? Who’s your favourite tennis player of all time? Comment below!

12 thoughts on “Nitto ATP Finals – What is it and The Shocking Defeats so far!

    1. Me too! Tennis is such an amazing sport but still quite underrated by many. Very hard sport also technically. Grigor Dimitrov is phenomenal and his style of play is so much like Federer’s. It’s so surprising to me that he hasn’t won more tournaments as Dimitrov is getting older and his style of play is compared to one of the best players ever! But maybe in time he will, especially when federer retires maybe!
      Aww Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a lovely day😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. We have this in common. I was a pretty good tennis player as a youngster. I don’t see many matches but I thought Federer had said he was over with tennis that he was retiring at age 36. He is the master of indoor, clay is Rafa Nadal for sure(my man!) . There is a great documentary about the greatest match in history tennis in Wimbledon between Federer and Nadal. I recommend it, it´s the finals, and Federerer´s first loss to whom? My Rafa. Did you see the post tennis match of Rafa when he was asked by a journalist if he lost was because of his wedding, that being married might distract him? Rafa´s response was priceless, hard to piss this man off, he always manages to answer with a lot of composure and this time he didn’t loose it but obviously he got a bit mad, yet his answer towards the journalist was brilliant. I just saw it on todays Spanish news. And Djokovic “the killer” I call him. Three of the best ones of all times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really? Wow!
      Federer definitely isn’t over haha he’s 38 right now and still going strong! Rafael Nadal is an amazing player, one of my favourites, the amount of topspin he gets on his shots, especially his forehand is like no other player that’s ever lived. Exceptional. I saw the interview this morning! Dramaaaa! Nadal never really loses his cool even when Kyrgios hit him in the stomach at Wimbledon on purpose. But when the interviewer mentioned his wife he was walking into dangerous territory and I’m sure the journalist knew that, he probably wanted a reaction of some sort (and got it at the end)! Djokovic is incredible also. He’s the most athletic and flexible out of the whole ATP tour. His weaknesses are probably only overhead smashes, same goes for nadal really, but more so Djokovic. They are the three of the most phenomenal players of all time. It makes you wonder if we’ll have such big names like them in tennis in a few years. I think Zverev may be one, as he’s already showing certain qualities and characteristics of a top player.
      Have a lovely day😃


      1. One word: Nadal.
        He is actually right handed, he writes with his right hand, eats with his silver forks with right hand, but his old time teacher that happens to be his uncle Toni Nadal, tough him that way and tought him to be a gentleman on the court and outside the court, he won’t be perfect but a good guy and a fighter, I can relate to that.
        You too have a lovely day.


    1. She’s a superb player! Making history every time she steps on court! Phenomenal.
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting!
      Have a lovely day 😃

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    1. It was incredible!! Yesss! I was watching it live all the time when I wasn’t at the event!
      Have a lovely Christmas 😊


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