Day at the O2 Arena! Nitto ATP Finals 2019!

Semi-Finals day at the O2 arena on a Saturday, what could be better?

So, story time. On Friday, whilst making my way to London in the late afternoon, I began watching the Nadal v Tsitsipas match. It was such a close match it had me on the edge of my seat whilst in the middle of a train journey, I had to try and restrain myself from making loud noises in reaction to the match! Tsitsipas won the first set in a tiebreak and Nadal took the second set. It went to a decider and whilst watching it I really hoped in a way Tsistipas would win, because I only booked tickets for the semi-finals evening session, and unlucky me Federer was due to play in the afternoon. So at least if Tsitsipas went through I wouldn’t feel so bummed that I’ll miss that match. But no, Rafa the great tennis player he is, took the win with the skin of his teeth. So it was looking like a Federer v Nadal afternoon session, even though I only booked the evening session (as I thought in advance if there’d be a blockbuster match, it’d happen in the evening! Which was Thiem v whoever would make it through. Which didn’t sound as thrilling to me. So hasty me, books virtually sold out tickets for the Saturday afternoon, costing another Β£150+ a ticket, thinking that now I’ll spend the whole day at the O2 (quite long I know) but being able to see an astonishing match (since I’ve never seen Nadal live) in the afternoon then the pre-booked evening session.

So if Zverev lost his match, it would for sure be a Federer v Nadal afternoon session, and many including the commentators thought he would lose the match…

So there I am on the end of the journey, happy as larry, smiling from ear to ear. Hours and hours pass of me going on non-stop about me seeing a star stunned once in a lifetime match. Only to be in bed at around midnight finding out on my phone that Nadal is out because Zverev won his match. You should’ve seen my face… I mean obviously I was still happy about seeing Federer but I’ve already seen him so I really wanted to see Nadal just incase he retires or because he hardly ever plays in the ATP Finals so this was the first time in 5 years Nadal played in it. But oh well it wasn’t meant to happen. But as you can tell from this, Friday was a rollercoaster of emotions.

So Saturday! What a day! Who would’ve thought Federer would lose his match to Tsitsipas! In quite a simple 2 set match. I was quite shocked by that because I at least thought it would’ve been a bit of a match! Especially because it’s Federer! But no, I was yet again wrong! So the evening session soon comes, Thiem v Zverev. I’m such a Zverev fan as his game is quite incredible even though it may need some tweaking here and there but he’s such a talented 22 year old that’d beaten many of the top guys in tennis. And he is the defending champion from last year! But unfortunately it was a 2 set match also with Thiem taking the win! I thought that match would be pretty tight, not 100% who I was predicting to win but maybe I was more on the Zverev side. Except Thiem is quite a consistent top player, and even though he may not have the most vibrant personality in the game, his tennis game is very very strong. I just wish it was more of a match and not so one-sided! Saturday was a day of upsets!

I tuned into the ATP Finals Finale, and what a thriller that match was! Thiem winning the first set then Tsitsipas just whizzing through the second, taking the final set to a tiebreak. And wow I wasn’t even on the edge of my seat anymore I was on the hard cold ground! Tsitsipas won the match and tournament, winning the highest ranked tournament of his whole career! At 21 years old and being the youngest ever to win this tournament makes history and I couldn’t be happier. I saw him play live a few years prior at a smaller tournament and you could see the champion he was going to go on and be! It’s quite magical. It isn’t just a racket and a ball, people put their whole lives and hearts into it, so when you win something as prestigious as this, surpassing Nadal, Djokovic and Federer, its a beautiful sight into the future of tennis!

Are you tennis fan? Did you watch the ATP Finals? Have you heard of this tournament? What’s your favourite sport? Who’s your favourite tennis player? Comment below?

15 thoughts on “Day at the O2 Arena! Nitto ATP Finals 2019!

    1. It was amazing honestly! If you’ve never been to the ATP Finals, you must! It’s a vibe and atmosphere like no other!
      I highly recommend πŸ˜ƒ!
      Thankyouu so much for reading and commenting Kim!
      Have a lovely day 😊

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    1. Aww thankyouu so so much!! Haha I wish I woke up with hair like this. One parts straight, another part is wavy, ones frizzy, and the latter part is curly! Thankyouu so much again for your kind words Isabel!😊😊

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      1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ trust me that’s how mine looks when I’m at home! It’s all an illusion!πŸ™Š


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