Good Friday: How will you be spending yours?

Since this Good Friday will be unlike any we’ve spent before, how will you be celebrating?

Good Friday marks the day on which Christians around the world commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The religious observance takes place during Holy Week, a couple of days before Easter Sunday.

Usually, in several sectors of Christianity, including eastern Orthodox, Anglican and Catholic, Good Friday is observed by some Christians by attending church services and by fasting. However, attending churches this year will not be possible as places of worship are closed.

Days like these, spent in an entirely different way from how you usually spend them, can be difficult to comprehend. But thankfully, we have technology to keep us closer than ever to our loved ones, no matter if they’re on the opposite side of the world, or minutes away, they can be right there with us virtually. Sharing smiles and laughter.

We’ll get though these times and appreciate the loved ones in our lives even more than before. And we might even show them more, as the pandemic has made us realise that life could change at any moment. So never take it, or sharing blissful moments together for granted.

So I wonder, how are you spending yours? Will you be having a nice dinner and video-calling all of your loved ones during your meal to reenact your usual Good Friday’s? Will you be consuming the traditional seafood in line with Canon law (Christian law)? Are you participating in the Friday Feast? What’s your Good Friday consisted of so far? Have you live streamed any church services? Comment below and have a blessed Good Friday to all those who observe this holiday!

22 thoughts on “Good Friday: How will you be spending yours?

  1. Thank you for sharing this and posing the question, how will you spend Good Friday. I’m doing a video call and I am working as I am an essential work. I praise God for all the blessings He provides. Blessings to you this Good Friday and Easter weekend. ☀️💛🙏🏻

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    1. Your essential work never goes unnoticed, thankyouu for all that you do!🙏
      Thankyouu, blessings to you and your loved ones this Good Friday and Easter weekend too!🤗

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  2. I will be viewing the live streaming of my church’s Good Friday service this evening.
    It is not where we worship, but who we worship that is important. Jesus is alive and defeated death for us.

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    1. Hope you had a nice Easter at least? Since you usually attend a service, did you watch a live stream? As I know many have this year😊


  3. Likewise, Antonia, best wishes to you and yours this weekend! Though circumstance may limit our celebrations, our spirits know no such restrictions. Besides, just think how joyous next year will be.

    Originally, plans were to go to my mother’s house, and enjoy the meal with other relatives who intended to visit. Obviously, we had to change those plans, but there’s hope we’ll reconvene in a couple months, in summer’s balmy benevolence.

    Instead, I did call my mother this weekend. did some cooking (for the blog), and enjoyed some of spring’s glorious flower-perfumed sunshine.

    And you, Antonia? I don’t think you ever told us how you’re celebrating the holidays!

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    1. You’re so right, next year will be intense! Easter celebrations like never before! Probably have to buy a bigger table.😂
      That sounds like a wonderful Good Friday, obviously not the same as what you had planned, but it just means there’s even more to look forward to for next year!😃
      This year we didn’t do anything special but I was here with my mother already which is more than some people had this year. I had a lovely roast and mainly just relaxed. Oh and the film ‘Pretty Woman’ came on late in the evening which I must watch everytime it’s on. Such a good film!
      Thankyouu so much for sharing 😁😊

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      1. Well done, Antonia! You managed to have a pretty darned nice holiday, despite the restrictions.

        Let’s not focus on “despite,” though. How about “because?” Because of your love, because of your ability to make the moment sparkle, you had a Good Friday to remember.

        Oh, I grinned at your nominating “Pretty Woman” for the “must watch everytime” movie. Mine is “The Shawshank Redemption.” There you have it, “Drop Everything and Binge” films, women’s and guys’ versions, respectively.

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      2. Haha, I’ve heard of ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched it. I just googled it and it seems pretty interesting! I hope it lives up to its high ratings! 😃
        Haha guys may like ‘pretty woman’ too, you never know.😂

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  4. Dear Antonia, My grandson Alex is 20. I am saying this just to help you imagine me, at 66. Even between generations, we must find common points of talking and sharing encouragement (even if online). I see that you are a beautiful inside out young woman. My prayer for you today is that your hope will remain intact, free from the anxiety of the present. Have the courage to always be yourself! There are not two Antonias. Just you! Never fear what people say. Read your Bible and pray daily. Then, you will be just fine! God bless you!

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    1. Thankyouu so much for your kind pure words of wisdom! 🤗
      I hope you had a lovely Good Friday and Happy Easter!🤗😃


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