Isolation Skin: Yes it Exists!

We might be in isolation, but that doesn’t mean you have to isolate your skin from its skincare needs! I’ll give you the lowdown…

I think all of us girls (maybe some boys), always assume on days where we relieve our face from makeup, then our skin will automatically revitalise itself, and it will be the skin of purity. 1+1=2, and it just makes sense exactly like that. Well let me tell you something now, us females with our hormonal selves, nothing is ever that easy or magical. We may have been a tad too wishful…

Living in isolation, is a tough stressful thing, I think we all can agree with that. Being unsure of the future, worried to go outside, hearing from reliable sources that the virus may even be lurking on our grocery shopping or even parcels is alarming. Imagine, if you have a doorbell or a freestanding letterbox and the amount of use that gets!

Our mind goes into overdrive, and our skin is the number one thing on our exterior that takes it’s toll. It’s the most obvious place as usually, it’s our facial skin that’s affected, which is a big no no, especially for our confidence. Typically, our skin is the first place to show if we’ve been stressed, not eating the right foods; not drinking enough water; lacking in vitamin D; and overall our general health. So I have all the tips to get you in tip-top condition for when isolation is over, everyone will be thinking you’ve had an all inclusive spa holiday!

1. Isolation skin won’t last forever

It really doesn’t help that we’re looking at ourselves more than usual. We’re constantly looking at ourselves due to Facetime etc, but the first step to getting your skincare back on track is putting everything into perspective. Meaning, accepting that this is only temporary, and our skin just needs a bit more TLC. The more anxious and irritated we get at our skin, it really doesn’t help our stress levels.

2. Keep your routine simple, but effective.

There’s no time like the present (literally) to really focus on building a great skincare routine. And it doesn’t have to involve every product under the sun/or on google. Simply, don’t put every kind of product you can find, on your face at the same time and expect it to work like a magical potion, as it’ll probably make your skin worse.

The fundamentals of any impressive skincare routine are, a gentle cleanser (avoid foams at all cost), a moisturiser and SPF. Then, choose a serum and/or chemical exfoliant to suit your specific needs. Here are some superior ingredients to look for based on your skin concerns:

  • Vitamin B/Niacinamide is great for all skin types. It helps with any inflammation, whether it be rosacea or breakouts, and is particularly great for breakout-prone skin.
  • Salicylic Acid is great for true oily skin types and can be used to treat acne flare ups.
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene make great friends with dry skin – anyone can use these ingredients.
  • For pigmentation, Vitamin C or an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) chemical exfoliant like Lactic Acid or Glycolic Acid will help to lift pigment and slough it off.
  • Rosacea and sensitive skins suit a minimalist routine – think a Hyaluronic Acid serum and a hydrating moisturiser.

If you’re starting from scratch and can’t head to the pharmacy during these times, La Roche-Posay and CeraVe do absolutely wonderful cleansers.

3. Step away from the intrusive at-home devices.

If you’ve had your eye on one of the ‘at-home’ tools like at-home dermarolling, dermaplaning, micro-current devices or skin needling, proceed with caution. Isolation skin, like us, is fragile. Skin on the whole is, but especially when your skin is breaking out, developing a rash or just generally sensitive. Your skin responds best to a less-is-more approach.

4. Watch out for trendy skincare.

I’m sure almost all of us have seen those fun-looking, insane face masks that have glitter, stars, clay and bubbles you’ve been seeing advertised on instagram or other social media networks. Even I’ve been tempted to explore! But they definitely won’t help your skin either. Your skin needs simple products and many of these aren’t that. Invest that same money you were thinking of spending on those, into some skincare products that have certain ingredients listed above. Trust me, your skin will thank you (and me) in the long run!

5. Get a good old sheet mask-not literally..

Lastly, if you’re tempted to indulge in a face mask, stick to a simple hydrating sheet mask. This ‘Starskin The Gold Mask’ is a fabulous one, and you’ll feel like putting your feet up and imagining you’re on a beach somewhere far far away.

Has your skin been playing up since lockdown? Has your skin changed texture? Breaking out? Let me know if this post has been helpful, comment below!

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    1. Haha I’m sure everyone has right nowπŸ˜‚. Yes we’re all good Thankyouu hope you and your loved ones are also!πŸ˜„ happy Easter!


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