Lockdown 2.0: What Helps You Through These Challenging Times? The Realistic Version

Wherever you are in the world, you may already be in lockdown, or maybe it’s looming. Many questions enter our heads, but what’s the one thing that keeps you sane and happy?

For many, it’s food. Whether you like sweet or savoury – it’s comforting. Plus, it can’t talk back like our friends or family can. Who needs a reality check when we already get that daily shock factor whenever the news comes on. Let me just soften the blow with this black forest gateau… Don’t worry the reality check can come once lockdown is lifted and I theatrically take the black sheet off my mirror to unveil the ‘new’ me.

Doctor Who

For some, there’s arts and crafts. Making a new garment can be therapeutic, but also a pain in the backside. And I’m not even talking about accidentally sitting on a needle.

Tom and Jerry

Shopping is something that the retail sector loves, but our credit cards hate. But aren’t love-hate relationships some of the best? Until the bank manager gives us a call and the bills arrive, ignorance can be blissful.

The daily walk (applicable to certain areas of the world depending on your area’s lockdown rules). Walk’s are great. Time for reflection. Inhaling and exhaling fresh air into your lungs. BUT, we’re knocking on winter’s door. Foggy/rainy/freezing days… I’m shielding from COVID, I don’t really want to invite pneumonia into my home either if I can help it.

Accurate Description

Leisure clubs are shut. All means of having fun or exercise are off limits. How many interesting sports can you do on a winter’s day? 0. And if you think of one, you may need help.

As you can see, especially throughout lockdown, I’m a glass half empty kinda gal. I would say the one thing that soothes my mind is a car ride. There’s nothing like a drive to take your mind off life’s worries. Plus, in cars – there’s heating! Win win. But in lockdown, you’re not even meant to do that unless you have a very good reason. “Is sightseeing good enough for you, officer?” I’m sure you can hear my sarcastic tone through the screen!

James Corden and Will Smith

But I can’t be the only one out there? Can I?

What helps you through these challenging times? Are you finding it difficult to keep your spirits up? Do you prefer life in lockdown or everyday regular life? Did you enjoy this post? Comment below!

19 thoughts on “Lockdown 2.0: What Helps You Through These Challenging Times? The Realistic Version

  1. NO! I feel you!! This lockdown feels so much harder than the first one. In March I was pretty decent and had little excitement (I am not going to lie) about staying indoors —what harm can it do? But so many months into it and world feels so depressing.

    Ughhh, enough of ranting but I guess we just have to look forward to better days when *hopefully* everything becomes normal again. Xx

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    1. I feel the exact same. For some reason it was better and easier the first time than this time, even though the first time we were locked down for much longer.🤔

      I think also it must be harder this time as it’s around the holiday season, we can’t get in the festive spirit as we usually would. Whether that’s going to Christmas markets etc.

      Hopefully a new normal that we’re somewhat familiar with will return soon. We can hope!😃🤞
      Thankyouu so much for sharing, Shahrin!🤗🤗xx

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  2. Many things help me get through this time, good books, good conversations and of course good food. During lockdown I’ve been taking the time to eat mindfully and really be in the moment when I’m eating.

    Recently we’ve had about 7 days of rain which made the lockdown even more unbearable for some. The rain stepped yesterday and the sun has been out.

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    1. I need to follow your lead!😃 Also, I think making new recipes is a way to make the time fly by. Even though everyone has the exact same idea so ingredients rapidly sell out!🙄

      7 days of rain?!! That must’ve been awful! We had blistering wind, my tv aerial almost came down, as it kept shaking erratically in the wind! Thankfully that’s just been fixed, but having no tv signal for a while was a nightmare! Especially in lockdown!

      Thankyouu so much for sharing!🤗😃

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  3. I enjoy your posts 🙂but now is the right time to say you that these gifs in your posts are suitable for some little girls. You must think for marriage at your age. Lockdown is temporarily phenomenon. Stay safe, good luck! 💕

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  4. Hi. Where are you in lockdown? I’m in Florida and we aren’t. Walks are great. Reading is great. Skyping with my grandchildren is fun. Getting closer to God is always a good choice. Writing a 2020/21 journal would be interesting to reflect on whenever we get back to normal. Thirty years from now when we are either old(er) or gone, someone might find our journal and publish it… LOL…better yet maybe learn from it. Just thinking out loud. Keep smiling. Keep the faith. Keep your mind and heart on the only stable, reliable, truthful thing that we can hold onto during these times – God. God knows, sees and still has our back. He’s there for us…even in a lockdown. Get closer and it won’t seem as bad. Focus on lifting others up because I guarantee someone, somewhere has it worse than you do. Have a blessed day. VICTORIA

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    1. Hi! I’m in England, if only I could be in Florida huh!😂😂 actually anywhere that’s isn’t in lockdown!

      A journal is a very good idea actually. I haven’t written a diary or journal in ages as in today’s society, it’s almost seen as abnormal! But I think it’d be good to reflect, and just release your thoughts to you and you alone. I might very well do that!😁

      You’re so right! Keeping your spirits up and remembering how blessed you are makes you realise how lucky you really are.

      Thankyouu so much for sharing, Victoria!!🤗🤗


  5. What helped me during the lock down was being alone. My roommate went back home and I enjoyed being alone and working from home. I enjoyed not traveling to work and the money I saved. I enjoyed cleaning out the house and feeling lighter. Most people important I had time to focus only on me and it feels good

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  6. I’m keeping in touch with gals like you and other writers on WordPress and Instagram and have lost count of all the new friends I’ve made. I’m fortunate to live in Tucson, Arizona, where I can walk nearly every morning and when I pass others, we wave, say, “Good morning,” and keep our six-foot distance. We have bird feeders in our back yard and enjoy lots of birds for a while each day. Nature is a great way to keep one’s head in the right place. Plus, I have a little garden, mostly edible herbs. I keep up on my blog and write fiction. Sometimes I cook for the three of us in the house. I’m generally too busy to get depressed or too worried and meditate two to three times a day. I play calm music all day, as well, unless I feel like dancing. Sending you hugs and good wishes . . .

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    1. That sounds lovely! Nature can do wonders to the soul and how you’re feeling! There’s so much technology around nowadays, we forget the simplest most beautiful things around us. We can get way too caught up in the fast lane we call life, and forget to take a breather!

      Ahh I love birds! I need to take a page out of your book!

      Thankyouu so much, Karen!🤗


  7. So far, here in Ohio, I have been able to get out and take a drive by myself each day to somewhere peaceful like a lake or river. When I’m home, I’ve been finishing a book I started a while back and it is almost ready for publication. There’s always something for me to write about and most I share on my blog!

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    1. Oooh I love a good drive. Especially when we can’t socialise or anything, sometimes we just need a change of scenery, or a peaceful drive.

      That’s amazing! I can’t wait to find out more about your book! That must be so exciting, what a process!
      Thankyouu so much for sharing!🤗😃


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