Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year! Is acknowledging this year a must? What’s there to be thankful for? It’s more significant than you’d think…

I’ve been hearing through the grapevine that some have chosen to not celebrate this year. Ignoring Thanksgiving 2020 as it’d seem wrong to celebrate. But that’s the entirely wrong mindset to have, in my opinion.

Of course this has been a devastating year. We can’t evade that. And never should. But for many people, it’s made them almost have an outsiders perspective into how they lead their lives. This has made the majority of us, alter what we spend our time doing. It’s signified what’s truly important in life. We couldn’t avoid the tragic events that have affected nearly all of us. Whether that’s a friend or family. Was this the stark realisation that will ultimately change how we live our lives?

Let me ask you this, think of all the tasks and schedules that your day consists of.

Now, think of what would truly matter+/-100 years today. 

How much of your life is stifled by routines that have no real impact on our lives. Why were lives the epitome of simplicity years ago, and why do they feel so much more perplexing and difficult to navigate now?

What if tomorrow, all social media sites were abolished. Think of the many days, months years the majority of us have collectively wasted. The newly allocated time we’d have; bewildered what to do with it.

Take this day, to wipe away all the extras we cramp into our lives. Live in the moment. Only do things that make us happy. That will leave a forever lasting memory. Make an impact on yours and someone else’s life. 

Going back in time seems foreign to the fast paced life we all lead now. But do we really have to be running rapidly on the treadmill, so fast our legs want to seize up, but we can’t physically get off the treadmill without stopping the machine.

Life is your machine.

You have the remote.

Tomorrow is never promised, this year has taught us a lesson we thought we’d never have to learn.

Your loved ones will be attached to you forever.

Make that count.

Celebrate togetherness today,

Scrap the technological memories our mobile devices automatically make,

Make your own,

And capture what’ll make you smile in time to come.

This year seems almost impossible to be thankful for,

So reminisce, love and be safe.

Happy Thanksgiving ❤️

Now bring on the food!

How are you celebrating thanksgiving? I unfortunately live in England where it’s not usually celebrated. Who are you celebrating with? Comment below! And Happy Holidays!

15 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Just getting together with some gf’s it just seems they’re the only ones who actually accept me for me and really seem to actually understand what I’m doing and going through 🤦🏻‍♀️Just getting ready and trying to get the perfect outfit together I’m thinking a really cute dress 👗 and heels 👠 hon idk 😐 but it should be fun it’s going to be my first formal I just wanna look 👀 as good as I possibly can if that makes any sense omg I’m sooooo nervous hon❣️Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍁 hon StacyAnne

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  2. “Life is your machine.
    You have the remote” I love this👏🏾👏🏾

    This put me in a good mood. I really enjoyed reading this✨✨Happy thanksgiving🧡🤗 xx


  3. Hope you have a blessed day even thought it is not Thanksgiving Day where you live. Even in the most difficult of times, I can be thankful for my relationship with Jesus.


  4. Very good! Being “a little” older than you, I remember life without computers, the internet, and cell phones. I remember when my parents got their first color TV and an automatic washer and dryer. I remember when Radio Shack first started selling Tandy computers. Just think how much has changed for people in their in their 80’s and 90’s… Some of the happiest people on earth live in countries where they don’t have such conveniences. Then COVID came to all parts of the world, isolating us from our daily lives as usual and keeping us from doing the things we enjoy. Changing the way we live, work, and socialize. All this drama with COVID and the election focusing our attention on the things that are the most important. Who we are… We have faced many challenges and will continue do sorbet we need to show the governments that we are still human and all the drama isn’t going to stop us from showing love for one another and standing up for our values. We are still us and we are all one and in this together. Thanks for sharing and take care always.


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