Do You Love or Hate Driving?

For some, driving can be stressful and for others it can be the equivalent of doing yoga! I know, strange right?

I feel like driving is one of the only things that clears my mind. I find other things work also, but nowhere near as much as driving, I think. It’s immensely therapeutic to me. I find it so interesting how some, especially new drivers find driving quite stressful. And trust me I did at first, but after a month or two of learning, I could feel that I was getting almost addicted to being in the drivers seat!

Funnily enough, when I was learning for months, whenever I used to see another learner driving, you’d hear me saying “Ohhhh lord.” And if they were going fairly slowly, and there was an overtaking lane, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’d be there on the gas pedal!

I’m sure licensed drivers must’ve thought the same about me!

Also, I’ve established that I now HATE being in the passenger’s seat. As I have to hold myself back from being a backseat driver, and I know how annoying that can be.

Me trying to shut up!

I used to love being driven around, and that used to calm my mind, but ever since I’ve learnt how to drive, it’s like the polar opposite has happened and I can only chill out if I’m driving? I now get quite overly anxious if I’m putting my life in someone else’s hands! Especially if they drive quite different to myself, I feel like I might not come out of the car alive! This is exactly how I can’t help my overthinking being in the passenger seat. If they drove like me, I don’t think there’d be a problem!

You fully have to trust the driver of the car, and unless that driver is me, I’m finding that pretty difficult – virtually impossible to be frank!

I realise I probably sound crazy right now! Do you like driving or prefer to be driven? Do you get stressed driving, or being in the passenger’s seat? Does it calm you? Do you drive? Would you want to learn? Comment below!

21 thoughts on “Do You Love or Hate Driving?

  1. Antonia, first of all, I just love your hair!! Wow, gorgeous! About driving, it depends where. I enjoy driving in the countryside or open locations. That can be very relaxing. But city driving makes me stressed, so I prefer public transportation in that case.

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  2. I like driving. But I must admit that when I’m driving, I go into a trance and anyone else in the vehicle unfortunately seem to disappear. I feel bad for them because it must be terrible sitting there in silence. However if I find myself in a vehicle and not behind the wheel, I suddenly have invisible pedals and steering wheel which I use much to the shegrin of the actual driver! 😳🤣😂😂 Its a horribley bad habit! Which I am aware of and I am getting better at controlling.😔


  3. I LOVE to drive but hate traffic (Did you you hear me say HATE?) and crazy motorcycle drivers that zoom and roar up behind you, scare you to death as they weave in and out of cars and speed BETWEEN cars, which is absolutely CRAZY STUPID! (God forgive me but they must have a death wish.) Otherwise I love driving. I sing along with my Christian Radio station (loudly cause no one can hear me) and pray for all the crazies that are out there. Thanks for sharing. I think I might go for a drive now. If you see me out there, wave. I’m the one singing. Bye for now. Love Ya, VICTORIA


  4. When I was learning to drive, I was excited! When it was all said and done, I was very happy. I love to drive, especially at night. I feel like there is no one but me and the open road, and nothing else matters. I especially love listening to Soft Jazz, it clears my head. Driving is fun and relaxing, but sometimes I just like the quietness; no music at all.

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    1. There’s nothing like driving on the open road is there? Especially when you’re blasting your favourite music. I feel like the road has my name on it and everyone else can stay home!😂

      You’re very right. Sometimes you just need peace to find your inner zen.

      Plus driving is much cheaper than therapy sessions. Win win all round!😂😂

      Thankyouu so much!!🤗😁


  5. Oh, Antonia, I love driving! Unless, of course, it’s amidst rush hour congestion. Particularly when it involves the commute into the office each morning.

    Although, that’s really not driving, is it? It’s mostly coasting, braking and hissing invectives.

    Even “off-hours,” when I’m doing something with friends or family, I prefer to take the wheel. Probably for many of the same reasons you do.

    My congratulations, Antonia, on discovering the sublime “zen” of driving! That peace will soothe you throughout your automotive career.

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    1. I HATE rush hour too! I wish it never existed! If everyone left early, the roads would flow more. But everyone’s always in a rush to get to and from work, it’s just so hectic.

      Especially when they haven’t eaten, they just want to crash into your car and drive like maniacs!

      Same for me! It’s pretty therapeutic, unless there’s someone tailgating you. That’s just annoying on a whole new level!

      Thankyouu so much!!😃😊

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      1. Reminds me of a “Deep Thought” I heard once on SNL:

        “Is life nothing more than a bunch of honking, gesturing and shouting?

        As the light turned from red, to green, to yellow, and back to red again, sometimes it seemed that way.”

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  6. I sooooo love 💕 driving it’s very calming either way sitting in the passenger seat or behind the wheel I almost always see so many amazing things!

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    1. Same! I used to find the passengers seat the most relaxing seat on the whole planet. Now, the drivers seat is like therapy😂😂 but you definitely don’t get to see as many beautiful views!💓

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  7. Just driving a car is fun, I have driven, but it is the other traffic, parking, turning right, roundabouts that are stressful. But you are right with one aspect; during my brief driving career if I was a a front seat passenger I would often put my foot down hard in the foot well on an imaginary brake pedal!


  8. I have a husband who is not comfortable with me driving, so I’ve learned for the most-part to ride and not add my two cents! He’s having shoulder surgery in a few days, so he’s acquiescing to me driving-at least-to get home from the hospital. When I drive myself, I spend the time praying in the Spirit or singing and connecting with the Lord. I’m not great driving in inclement weather, but it gives me a chance to trust the Lord. I always ask for angels to be at each tire and keep me on the road. God also shows His sense of humor; I asked Him to keep the deer out of the road, so I see them stop and look at me just at the edge of the roadway! Having learned to ride quietly as a passenger, I’ve ridden with many young people in our household with learner’s permits who prefer me to my husband who is nervous about it!


  9. All I’m gonna is that I love your hair! And yes, I love driving but nowadays I’m not just feeling the same way about things. Been a quite year for me, pretty much just home.

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    1. Aww thankyouu so much!! Same to be honest, there’s no where to drive to! I’m not even sure if sitting in your car is allowed with all the restrictions!
      I hope you and your family are well🙏😌


      1. Thankyouu, Noreen! All is good… so far! Driving is still a learning process, even after passing the test! That’s what I’ve realised. But driving is even better than I could ever imagine. A simple thing like a car can give you such a great sense of freedom. I couldn’t imagine my life without it now!
        Thankyouu again!🤗😃


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