Wimbledon’s Cancelled: Unluckiest Week Ever!

Tickets to Men’s Semi Finals on Centre Court? Sounds too good to be true? A sequence of unfortunate events came out of nowhere… I think we know where this is going!

I had my outfit sorted out months in advance. Way before I even got tickets. I just had to go. I love Wimbledon, and you don’t have many opportunities to go, especially after the tournament last year was officially cancelled, it was a must to attend this year.

Hotel was booked in advance, transport was practically finalised in my mind. Everything was sorted. Only thing was to travel to London.

So the semi-finals were on Friday 9th July (just passed). So the Monday before (5th July), exactly 4 days before… I get gastroenteritis. You couldn’t write this… Technically I am but you know what I mean! I feel awful, just horrific. Being sick over and over again, my stomach was moving like a gymnast on redbull. But I thought hopefully this’ll pass before Friday. Since I’ve had both vaccinations, plus I’ll do a lateral flow test just for my own sanity.

Test comes back negative for COVID-19, cementing that it’s gastroenteritis. I might just be able to get away going to Wimbledon if I just relax, drink litres of fluids, and hopefully get better in time. But the story gets worse.

My guest I was taking to Wimbledon, guess what? Their sibling tested positive for covid. And since they live in the same household, my guest would have to self isolate for 10 days. You can imagine my face. It looked like how my stomach felt.

Literally me

I couldn’t even try and get around this even if I wanted to! When I tell you I waited last minute to cancel the tickets, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I practically waited till the last seconds of the cut-off point just because I was being an unrealistic No.1 Wimbledon fan hoping somehow, a miracle would happen. Don’t sweat it, I made sure I didn’t leave it till the last 24 hours before the event or else I wouldn’t be entitled to a refund. Pfft I’m not stupid!

I didn’t get to witness the sweet taste of strawberries and cream. But the £400 on its way back into my account might just about make up for that. I spent the week watching Wimbledon from my living room, and in all honesty, even though I missed out on THE MEN’S SEMI FINALS on CENTRE COURT (not bitter at all…), I saw pictures of the thousands of people in attendance, following practically no social distancing guidelines. I thought they’d leave a seat or two vacant between everyone, but no, they were all virtually sat on top of each other. For having a 50% capacity, I was shocked it was organised in this way. They basically had everyone sit towards the front and left the back of the stadium empty. Then the latest news in, one or two days before the men’s semi’s, was that from QF stages onwards, Wimbledon will be at full capacity, as the government gave them the green light. So long story short (if you know me, you know I can’t cut a story short to save my life), if I attended as planned, I would’ve been sandwiched between tens of thousands of people I don’t know. COVID who?

All in all, it was an unfortunate week of events. But I always think, ‘Everything happens for a reason’. And I didn’t miss out on too much. Only Djokovic, Berrettini, Shapovalova and Hurkacz. Plus a double match, and the fact it’s MEN’S SEMI FINALS DAY on CENTRE COURT… But who’s counting?!

Did you attend Wimbledon or watch it from home? Who’s your favourite player? Do you think Wimbledon was wrong to operate at full capacity? Who do you think will win the Men’s Wimbledon Final this afternoon? Berrettini or Djokovic? Comment below!

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