Is Minoxidil (Regaine) Effective For Hair Loss in Women?

Is the only FDA topical medication approved for hair loss in women, worth it?

I’m sure many of us have been there. We’ve seen extra strands in the bathtub, or we’re having to remove the build up of shedding hair from our brushes more often than before. Even though it shouldn’t be, let’s admit, it’s a taboo subject. Whether you’re male or female, it’s considered your “pride and joy”. And for females especially, it’s commonly referred to as your “crowning glory”. Funnily enough, I don’t really appreciate that expression, as if I were to lose it all tomorrow, would my imaginary crown be caught up in all that hair that’s fallen? Am I not beautiful anymore?

Danny Devito – Nope

That’s how society can make you feel.

I’ll insert a quote from the Regaine homepage This is underneath the ‘Regaine for Women’ photo and header.

“A women’s hair should make her feel strong, confident and beautiful. Explore the causes, signs, myths and how to help treat hereditary hair loss with Regaine for Women.”

Eddie Murphy – Say what?

Now underneath the imagery and header for men, it mentions nothing about his confidence or “beauty”.

“If you are losing your hair, you need facts, not fiction. Explore the causes, signs, myths and how to help treat hereditary hair loss with Regaine for Men.”

The difference in statements they’re using for advertising, purely due to the sufferers gender, is unfathomable.

So you can see the dilemma hair loss sufferers have. First sign of trouble, they’re off to the pharmacy before the beloved strand of hair graces the floor. But what options are out there? Funnily enough, it’s male dominated. Men have the choice of two products, containing either minoxidil (sold under Regaine Or Rogaine) or propecia (sold under Finasteride). But for women, “it’s minoxidil or nothing” said my dermatologist. Issue is… Well there’s a lot of hidden issues.

What they fail, or choose not to tell you is that, long story short… it’s short-term happiness. Yes, it might halt your hair falling for the time being, or yes, it might even regrow certain stubborn thinning areas, but it’s basically a life long commitment. Once you start using minoxidil, you can’t just use it here and there, or forget using it for a day or two. Oh no honey, all your hard work and money will be down the drain. Along with your dead hair.

*sobbing uncontrollably*

Customers have said, if you run out of minoxidil for a day or so, all the hair growth you’ve had as a result of using the product, simply all falls out. People even do the patch test, where they apply it onto their arm hair and they get a huge thick patch of hair, which is great! But if they miss a day or so…

Abracadabra, it’s like you’re a magician. All gone! I don’t see the point? As I’d basically be signing my life away, £30 every month for the rest of my life, at the age of 22.

There’s a long list of possible side effects, and if you’ve been with me through my corticosteroid injections that failed for my scarring alopecia, you’ll remember that I got acne from that, and still suffer from it. Guess what Minoxidil can cause? A long list including, acne, tachycardia, swelling of any area of the body, fainting etc. I already have sensitive skin that reacts to almost everything, I somehow don’t think that’s up my alley.

I haven’t tried it, I wanted to a long time ago since the advice of a dermatologist. But when she mentioned that it might not work and the hair falls out as soon as you miss the next dose, you can see where the hesitancy came from. Plus, the expenditure I’d be signing myself up for. I can see myself now, even if I didn’t have enough money for rent and had to sleep on the street, don’t worry, I’ll have the best, most luscious hair, using boxes of Regaine as a make-do mattress.

If you decide to give it a go, the optimism in you probably hates me, but I just like being straight up. And Minoxidil does have pretty high efficacy, you just have to keep on top of it, and hopefully not have any side effects!

Side-note: Minoxidil is supposed to help people with androgenic alopecia (female/male pattern hair loss) or alopecia areata, it will not work for scarring alopecia. If you’re unsure of which you have, consult a GP or dermatologist.

Have you ever tried Minoxidil? Do you suffer from hair thinning *in the voice of the ad*? Are you male using Propecia? Comment below what your hair journey has been like!

6 thoughts on “Is Minoxidil (Regaine) Effective For Hair Loss in Women?

  1. The memes had me laughing.
    Yes I have used Rogaine, it grew some brittle hair of varying lengths especially in the crown area that was the most impacted.
    But the side effects of inflammation–itching and burning to the point of madness.
    I made a conscious decision to stop, and yes all that hair fell out and more.
    But I then cut it all off and let it slowly regrow.

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    1. Haha, they had me in hysterics too, if I do say so myself!😂
      Oh, burning?! That’s never good! I heard people saying at for years it was working well, then all of a sudden they reacted to it with spots, rashes and unbearable itching!
      It sounds like you were badly reacting to it.
      I know some products are meant to encourage hair growth, supposedly by irritating the hair follicles, to trick the follicles and basically wake them up! But it’s like, how are you meant to know when it’s not working! Intense burning and itching is never a good sign! And when it itches, it aggregates hair fall. It’s a catch 22!
      And I think if it’s £30 a month for basically the rest of our lives, why isn’t it available on prescription? I’m not sure if they prescribe it in other countries like the U.S. but I find it’s pretty ridiculous that alopecia is a medical condition but they don’t even acknowledge it in the form of a prescription!
      Regaine and Rogaine must be making an absolute fortune! I wouldn’t mind if it’s permanent but it’s like a membership, you’d have to bulk buy for if we go in lockdown again😂.
      I can’t wait for the day there’s another option out there for alopecia sufferers.
      I’m not hopeful it’ll be in our lifetimes though, but we can dream!😂🙏

      Thankyouu so much for sharing, and after hearing your story, I’m so glad I never tried Rogaine/Regaine. 99% of it is pure marketing, along with some temporary brittle hair by the sounds of it! My hairs already brittle, for free😂😫

      Do you find after cutting off all your hair, that your hair seems to be growing more evenly or no difference? Random question I know😂, I’m just curious about all things hair!🤗💓

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      1. Lol. Now I use finasteride (insurance won’t pay for it, primarily used for men and spironolactone). It has been working so much better. Consult your doctor, they are often resistant to giving it to women.


  2. I have to say, Antonia, women have a tougher go of things (vis-a-vis hair loss) than do men.

    Sure, men are more likely to suffer dramatic and sudden baldness than are women, but we also have “socially-acceptable” ways of compensating. From a shrug of the shoulders (“It’s my family history. Hey, what am I gonna do?”), to shaving it all off and doing the chrome-dome, which one of my friends did, men have options.

    Not so many choices for women, though, other than forking over major money forever-and-ever for treatments. Which still come with nasty side effects too. ¡Ay, pobrecitas!


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