My Birthday From Hell – Unluckiest Day Ever!

When I tell you this couldn’t have gone any worse; you couldn’t write it! This includes food being spilt on me, to defunct designer shoes from a very well known retailer, listed below..

My 23rd birthday. My 22nd was spent in lockdown, with a nando’s takeaway. So this birthday was going to be an unforgettable one. Going all out, but someone up there had other ideas..

Full Length Birthday Photo | Antonia Dale

First stop was Piccolino. This was probably the worst restaurant experience I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve been a regular diner in this specific branch of Piccolino for a while, and even though their food has never been phenomenal or life-changing, it’s usually good. This experience changed my life for all the wrong reasons. Drinks arrive. The waiter lifting the drinks from his tray, spills some on the opposite side to where I was sitting. So my fellow diner. He apologised profusely, went to retrieve some napkins and cleaning spray, and sorted out the error. All was well-ish.

Starters arrive, Only one calamari and ravioli arrived when we ordered two calamari. Notified a waiter, he ordered another calamari, arrived almost at the very end of eating both starters. and the ‘garlic mayo’ tasted old, or like an entirely different sauce. Whatever I had wasn’t garlic mayo, I can tell you that!

Time between starters and main, 55 minutes. Oh and to round off this complete joke of an experience, when the waiter was picking up the plates and cutlery from the starters, I watch his poor attempt at picking these up. Now, The plates were already placed on top of eachother, and the cutlery was already on top of the small stack of plates organised out of politeness by us to make his job easier, so what was all the difficulty about? The work was done for him. I saw this in slow motion, no effort was made by him to cleanly retrieve the plates and cutlery, he simply didn’t care. I could tell by his slow movements, almost like he saw me as a huge tablecloth he could throw rubbish at. Anyway, he’s still making this simple task look like mission impossible right in front my eyes, then I see the knife leave the plate and drop onto the table near the edge closest to me and fall right on my top, jeans, oh then the floor. Furious didn’t even cut it. If I wanted to get dirty, I’d cook at home for free!

Very fair representation of my waiter, this ‘accident’ but just twice in one night…

As you know, oil and tomato stains, imagine if I had a satin/silk outfit on?! No excuse. I’m fuming.

He didn’t even apologise, no offer of napkins, or anything. He simply didn’t care. So during this long 55 minute late, my face throughout looked like a wet weekend, on purpose. I wasn’t going to let other passerby’s or diners think I’m having great time when in fact, this has been the worst service I’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing. My face must’ve looked like it was sucking on a sour lemon permanently, in all honesty I made sure I had a stern look. I was so over dining here, I wanted my bill reduced or waived, and just felt like walking out even before the mains arrived.

Who waits an hour in between starters and mains?! I see fellow diners looking at my face, can’t I look into empty space? Am I shouting? Swearing? Even causing a nuisance? No. But my face says all that and more without even frowning, I have one of those faces when I want to. Call me, Paddington.

Paddington – Hard Stare

So we ask the waiter, where’s the main course? He assured us it’s been ordered, but funnily enough, 2 minutes after asking, abracadabra the food comes out. It’s sea bass, I also ordered rosemary potatoes with garlic. The potatoes arrive 10 minutes after the fish. Inside I was furious, my face was the sternest face you’ve seen in your life. It was clear the ambience in the area of the restaurant I was sat in had changed. More people were leaving etc staff could tell my face didn’t look happy, so they ask each table around if everything’s okay? They all must’ve responded with ‘fine.’ Then the woman walks away before reaching my table, I was just getting ready to open my mouth. Then, she comes back and asks my table, if everything’s okay, something along those lines. I unleash, being straight to the point, I reply, “The service has been appalling”. I listed only some of what’s happened in this one experience, it’s my birthday etc. There weren’t even napkins or cutlery on the table as the waiter couldn’t bother to relay the table between courses. So the woman apologises, then asks, “Would you like napkins now?” I reply, “Well the times well and truly passed, but the whole table has no napkins or cutlery as you can see, so I imagine so?”. She relays the table. Then 10 minutes after another woman comes, asks how things are as she’s heard blah blah blah, I say again, service has been appalling etc, she apologises and rambles on. Walks away, I thought, if this establishment thinks they can get away with this and charge me full price, they’re insane. Oh and the food was lacking in every department. So she returns to the table and says she’s taken some items away from the bill and hope this helps make up for the experience. I thought in my head, it doesn’t as I’ll remember this, but it’s a discount off this overpriced rubbish so I’m not gonna refuse. They didn’t even ask me if I wanted dessert, did I make it that obvious I wasn’t happy? NEVER AGAIN! It was still £70 for the privilege, including the so called discount.

Day after, my main present arrives. I’m so excited for this, I wasn’t home for the delivery so had to collect it from a shop around 45 minutes away by car from where I was. Long, but worth it. I know they’re Louboutin’s so I couldn’t get there and back fast enough to try them on, see if they fit etc. Back home, open the box from HARRODS, I repeat, HARRODS. I open the outer box, woo woo so excited, I see the Christian Louboutin box, looks absolutely tiny but that’s besides the point, I could still burst with joy. I lift up the shoe box lid, and as soon as I take the shoe out I see an ‘X’. On the patent leather. Let me go into further detail, These shoes are £545, ridiculous I know, I’d never pay that but it’s an insanely generous gift. The infamous red soles. Imagine, this ‘X’ is on the front of the shoe. How much more obvious could it get?! It’s like I’ve been branded. Upon closer inspection, there’s damage even to the red soles! I could not BELIEVE THIS. I can’t even exchange it, because Harrods do not accept exchanges, only returns. Absolute scamps. And the drama to send it back, I can’t even explain, but I can confirm it’s on its way and off my hands, thank goodness!

I’m starting to wonder if so called Harrods is just a market stall down a dark, alleyway!

So all in all, my birthday was frustrating in more ways than one, but away from those 2 experiences, nothing could wipe this smile off my face. And boy did it come close. Why? Because I knew I’d be happy even without the gifts and dinner as there’s endless things to be grateful for in life. Now could I have been happier? Haha that’s a conversation for another day!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I feel lighter getting it off my chest, the series of unfortunate events. How was your last birthday? Do you have any horror birthday stories? Comment below, I’d love to hear them!

8 thoughts on “My Birthday From Hell – Unluckiest Day Ever!

  1. I guess we all get do overs and can have a birthday the next year (hopefully). My last birthday was fine but the one before started a nightmare that then started my blog. A whole group of people started hating me because I dared to tell my sister (as we were celebrating my big day) what they were doing! It all ended up for good – I love my new life at the beach and meeting nice new people like bloggers like you!!!!


    1. Wow! That’s crazy, I’ll definitely have to read more. I’d love to have a life at the beach like yourself, it must be so peaceful! I think I can say on behalf of everyone, we need more beach photos!! Same here, meeting fellow inspiring bloggers like yourself is one of the best things about it.🤗💗


  2. Oh dear Antonia, this was painful to read, sorry you had such bad experiences on your birthday! You should have been given you that meal free of all charges, not discounted – that was ridiculous! As for all that damage on those shoes, I know you love and really wanted them, but I would return them and get a new pair or something else. For that amount of money and that brand, I need it to be completely without blemish thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My mum said this exact same thing! I’m not gonna lie I did initially want a full waiver of the bill, and after I left the restaurant I did feel short-changed for such a terrible experience. Just know, I’ll never be returning.

      As fast as I received the shoes, I returned them. Thankfully I didn’t wear them on any hard floors, only tried them on on carpet, or else harrods wouldn’t have given a refund. I still await the refund from them, they say 10 days… It didn’t take them 10 days to take the money though! When I tell you I’ll be expecting the next pair, I’ll buy a magnifying glass for the occasion. These companies have proven time and time again, they cannot be trusted. They knew the state the shoes were in when they packed them and sent them my way. I’m still fuming whenever I think about it, absolute joke!
      Thankyouu for the best advise, as always. I hope you’re well🤗💗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You shouldn’t have to request a full waiver of the bill, the manager should have automatically done that! Especially since it was your birthday and the service and server was straight from hell!! I’d call their corporate office if they have one!

        Glad you were able to get a refund on the shoes though – that’s just too expensive to have imperfections. Of course it never takes them 10 days to take your money – why should it? But for a refund, you need to hurry up and wait – you don’t need YOUR MONEY!! 🙄


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