‘The Valentine’ – Poem


You see me as a shadow,

If I belonged to someone else, would that ignite curiosity?

My eyes twinkle,

Does that reflect you or me?

Feel me to clarify I’m yours,

I’m you, but who am I?

I scream,

Birds singing as you gaze above,

I’m here, only if you look hard enough.

Make you laugh,

Inside I’m cold,

Why can’t you see me?

Close your eyes,

That’s why.

Copyright © 2022 by Antonia Dale

13 thoughts on “‘The Valentine’ – Poem

      1. Of course Antonia you are very welcome; a very tender and touching poem; it and you deserve a big hug! 🤗😁
        Have a lovely day!
        Blessings! 🕊🙏🌟


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