Craziest House Move Ever!

Craziest House Move Ever!

Why haven't I been uploading recently? The reason is... I've moved to a house in the middle of nowhere! So... the actual move began less than a month ago. As soon as the contract was signed, we basically (my mother and I) had to move everything from the other house into this one. Now let [...]

TV Show Review: The Circle!

FYI, much better than I anticipated, so now I can't stop watching! They're supposed to be making a US, Mexican and French version (so it must be good)! The Circle, is a British reality television series. It's simply a competition and whoever wins the series, bags themselves £100,000. I'll try and give you the lowdown [...]

Winter Holiday Sales: Read This Before You Book!

How does a winter getaway sound? But be prepared for this catch... Airlines and travel websites are having holiday sales, left, right and centre! Many only have flights to certain destinations reduced at rates from £3.99 (or maybe even lower) so you might have to leave the Maldives till next time! I booked mine via [...]

Sleepovers: Are You For Them Or Against ?

Many of us have wanted to experience a sleepover at some point. If it's a girly night or a boy night, the thought of being somewhere with your friends, out of school and not having too many rules seems so enticing! But do you approve of sleepovers or not? Sleepovers are portrayed quite a lot [...]