Post-Lockdown Holidays: Smart or Naive?

‘Sun, sea and mojitos’ sounds like a glimpse into heaven. But is it too early to be booking your next vacation?

Once lockdown lifts, people are gonna be moving erratically. Just think of shopping malls on Christmas eve, but leaving all the gifts and grocery shopping until 30 minutes before closing time. Yeah, that kinda crazy!

Actual footage of people (post-lockdown) boarding a plane

From being locked up in their homes for at least a year, it’s understandable. I think picnics in the park may be on the minds of some, but the majority are thinking a little more exotic thoughts. Spain, France, Italy, Bahamas, anywhere that’ll take them really. COVID who?

Vaccinations are a way out of lockdown – but the efficacy of these vaccines have been disputed. Which effectively means that we will never be 100% protected against COVID-19. If we may need vaccination passports, that says a lot! So where does that leave our margaritas on the beach?

I mean, everyone going down to the travel agents or flashing their credit cards on, just need to take a step back. Breathe for a second.

Dog Yoga

We were in the height of a pandemic only a few months ago. And the last time I checked, Barbados isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

I completely understand the frustration of being home for what feels like an entirety. And I also understand that the British equivalent to sunny Spain is a trip to Skeggy – Skegness for all you lucky people who’ve never heard heard of the place; I wish I hadn’t.

But seriously, are holidays in your home country all that bad? …Probably, but that’s beside the point! As even when you’re vaccinated, not everyone will be. You wouldn’t know whether to social distance or not! You’ll find yourself unintentionally doing the Irish stepdance!

Irish Stepdance

Is sunning it up abroad worth it? We have had an extremely tough year so I guess now’s a better time than ever to jet off and relax. Or do you think people should be more cautious? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Post-Lockdown Holidays: Smart or Naive?

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. You offer a lot of great advice. I think it is too early to plan a trip to crowded places. We have done a little traveling, but to places that are still wearing masks and practicing social distancing.


  2. I say… if it feels good?? Why not? Use common sense and caution and go enjoy yourself! Our life span isn’t on hold just because we’re locked up like animals in a zoo! Get out and live your life!😁

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  3. Thoughtful post, Antonia.

    Me, I already had a vacation planned last spring. Everything was scheduled, from the flight, to hotel reservations, to dinner spots. Then came COVID, which washed away everything. Two years’ anticipation and planning, all gone!

    Point is, it’s been a year now. Sure, I could rush back in with the herd, now that things are easing a little.

    Why, though? Dreams deferred a year still will be there a year or two from now. By then, it’ll be a vacation worthy anticipation. Chances are, by then, masks, limited capacities, etc. will be even less of a factor than they are now.

    Yep, I’ll wait until I can do things right. After all, I’ve been patient this long…

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