4 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Natural Makeup Look!

Lightweight, minimal, glowy makeup without the cakiness? Yes, I’ve got you!

I think it’s safe to say everyone, “natural, glowing makeup” is everyone’s go-to right now. It looks easy, but can be a mission to recreate. 2021 is all about glowing skin, feathered brows and a rosy blush. But we all know, we can get a little carried away with our makeup. There’s a fine line between a minimal makeup look and an everyday glam. I even struggle! From too much mascara, concealer, to a caterpillar brow you’ve created unintentionally, and eyeliner looking like you’ve been left alone with a sharpie marker. The struggle is real. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, take note of these natural makeup mistakes you need to watch out for!

Natural Makeup Mistake No.1: Not Preparing your Skin

American Psycho – Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale)

Exfoliating is a vital part in having skin ready for makeup application, no matter how minimal the makeup is. A smooth canvas is the easiest canvas to work with as makeup won’t just sit on the face, it almost melts into your skin. Also, naturally glowing skin, makes it 10x easier to achieve the glowing, minimal makeup, as you don’t need a list of products to create something out of nowhere. Makeup may be an art, but sometimes we don’t want to feel like professional artists!

A great exfoliator for this and it even works on sensitive skin is the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. This will have your skin looking like silk! I like how it’s not a physical exfoliant as I’ve found those harsh on my skin in the past. You should only use it once or twice a week as you don’t want to over exfoliate your skin. Just to note, chemical exfoliates can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so always use sun protection! And maybe don’t use on the days where you’re sunbathing in scorching heat.

Another great exfoliant for sensitive skin is La Roche-Posay Ultra-Fine Scrub for Sensitive Skin. It contains small particles to be gentler on the skin. Even this physical exfoliant I’d only use 2-3 times a week. Never over-exfoliate!

Natural Makeup Mistake No.2: Overusing Matte or Powder Products

What baking your face really means!

I’d say this was my major issue. I don’t bake but I did use to apply more powder than was needed. Always remember, matte makeup or powder essentially dries out your makeup, can age your appearance, and adds layers to your ‘natural makeup look’. Only apply the lightest dusting where you need it, focusing the powder on the T-zone (still keeping it to a minimum).

Natural Makeup Mistake No.3: Going too Heavy on the Eye

Ashley Graham. Natural looking brows are in!

This is another step that I may be partial to. I can’t help it, I love emphasising on the eyes. But that can easily transition into a night-time glam look, which is sometimes not what we intend to do. To keep your eyes looking simple but still having that extra flare, simply add bronzer or blusher but I prefer bronzer – Benefit Hoola Bronzer to be exact, buff the shade into your crease and lower lash line. Add a pop of highlighter onto the inner corners, and brow bone. Complete with a coat of mascara and voila! I love the L’Oreal Million Lashes Mascara especially for it’s drugstore price point.

I’m also loving the effortless brow look. Let’s leave the caterpillar over-arched brows in 2015, please? I don’t go for a darker brow, I keep it natural looking, and use the tiniest amount of product. Fill in most gaps, sure, but if you have teeny gaps, you really don’t have to go overboard as natural looking brows wouldn’t be completely coloured in. My go-to eyebrow gel is Benefit Gimme Brow+ Gel. It’s easy, and the product has hundreds of little fibres that attach onto your brow hairs, resulting in fuller looking brows, making your job so much easier and faster. A brow pencil I recommend on a budget is the Rimmel London’s Professional Eye Brow Pencil, but if you’re in the mood to splurge, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is genius. But I warn you, once you go to Anastasia beverly hills for brow products, you’ll never buy any other brand. So unless you’re ready for that commitment, maybe go for the Rimmel London pencil. No strings attached!

Natural Makeup Mistake No. 4: Forgetting Blush

Madison Beer

Just imagine, without the makeup you naturally have rosy cheeks. Some cheeks are more rosy than others. But in situations where we get a little flustered, our cheeks really do become the centre of attention. We don’t want to look like clowns of course not, but we still want that natural looking flush we naturally have. Never forget your natural colouring on your face, it’s vital to recreating the natural makeup look. And sometimes we can be looking flatter and one dimensional than what we do without any makeup. Let’s not go there! Cream Blushes are best as we don’t really wan’t powder sitting on our skin if we can help it, creams are easier to blend in, simply with your fingers. Some of my favourites are the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush and the Glossier Cloud Paint. Magical!

Did you find this post helpful? What step do you most struggle with? Do you love heavy glam? What natural looking makeup products do you love? Comment below!

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    1. Interesting enough, using too much concealer can make lines more obvious as the product settles into your lines more. And using too much setting powder can do the same also. You need less than most think!
      I hope this helps!πŸ€—


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